Classic Manicure Workshop Live 19/09/2021


Online Classic Manicure workshop
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This workshop is for you if:
– you don’t use an e-file or don’t want to use it
– you would like to offer something different to your clients

Subjects covered:
– what is classic manicure
– natural nail and skin anatomy
– what you need to do it
– cuticle removers – what’s the difference
– cuticle scissors in action
– nail prep
– how to use a builder base
– “under the cuticle” colour application
– how to achieve an extremely even nail surface for a perfect photo

Tools and products needed:
– cuticle pusher
– cuticle scissors
– cuticle nippers
– orange stick
– cuticle remover
– water
– thin nail art brush
– builder base coat
– colour of your choice
– top coat

📅  19/09/2021
⌚  10:00am — live, recorded for those who can’t make it at that time 😉

Workshop will run on a Facebook group. You will be added to the group closer to the time of the class.

Certificates of participation available upon request in a PDF format.

Workshop price £50

Payment is nonrefundable

Put your Facebook Name in the comments when making the purchase
Add @PetiteNailsByElwiraWalczak on Facebook as a friend and send Hello message so you can be added to a group where the live will be.